Who is CB Green?

Bio for CB Green;

Caleb Black Green was born in upstate New York 40 miles outside of Utica. He is the second of seven children; his mother was a writer and his dad a farmer. He went to the University of Buffalo and worked in Connecticut and New York City and Philadelphia and Tucson and San Francisco before starting a company and locating to Portland. He was married in college to Danielle and they had a son, Robin, who is engaged to Traci whom he met in Penn Law School. CB sold his business for an eight-figure fortune, but he lives a very conservative life. CB lived with Rhonda for ten years since Philadelphia until she was gunned down during a jewelry store heist seven years ago. He took up being a detective to find her killer, but there were no clues. She is on the back-burner waiting for clues, by the cops and CB.

Green’s defining trait, his total color-blindness, imbues him with special abilities because of its unique character. He can see in the night like a cat, and with the cones firing as rods, his eyesight is beyond high-def. But his deficit is flawed, that is, it is a trick of mind, not a disability, and he is worried about his long-term prognosis; because being color-blind is important to him.

CB does most of his work for divorce and criminal lawyers and occasionally helps find runaway kids. Murder has a way of finding him, and vice-versa; and as Candy Candelosi told him, “Don’t you ever do anything, Green, that’s not attached to everything else?” No, because CB Green seems immersed in a quantumly entangled world of crime. CB lives in a three story in Northwest Portland with the office down and a two-level home above; and he still keeps the home in Washington that he and Rhonda owned.

CB attracts women, or as he says, “half the women like me half the time. He has a stable of BFFs; Denise Roberts the queen secretary for the law firm, WHO-ME [Whitman, Howard, Ormand, Masters and Edmonds], a girl who knows everybody who’s anybody in Portland and has been chasing CB for the last three years; Lola May Carter, a beautiful black woman who has roots on the darker side of the law, but her heart is in the right place; Becky Tomay, the ex-tattoo artist who has won his heart in every way possible; Maureen McMartin, a red-haired police detective, doesn’t like CB’s idea of justice, but she is caught up in the web of his other friendships; and Diane Simpson, a blond and beautiful and young patrol cop who like McMartin, isn’t afraid of a good fight – she and CB have a long history that doesn’t include sex. Male friends are rarer, primarily Dennis Doyle, big old-time throwback of a red-headed cop who eschews pronouns; Bob Denver, CB’s tailer extraordinaire; and Ridgefield Police Chief, Atlee Davis, an ex-LA cop with experience and insight. And then there is Candy Candelosi, a reported of dubious morals and questionable methods who even prison can’t keep out of his life.

CB’s favorite writers are Rex Stout, Ross Macdonald, Raymond Chandler, Michael Underwood, Martha Grimes [the Emma Graham series] and Isaac Asimov… he’s a stuck-in-the-forties-and-fifties kind of guy.

CB’s experiences are described in six novels; The Color-Blind Detective, The Blues in Black & White, Nobody Knows Anybody [due early 2013], Words to Die For [due late 2013], Old Words Kill and Girl Justice; and over 20 short stories.

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