Bob’s Not Here

Bob’s Not Here by Bill Capron

When Mona left for Bosnia, her stepmother Kathy told her Bob had early onset Alzheimer’s. “Couldn’t happen to a meaner guy,” is all she said. But her real feelings weren’t so kind.

When Mona returned, Kathy asked her to stay with Bob for a week while she visited her parents. Mona said no. Kathy said, “He’s your father, for Pete’s sake.”

So there she was, with the same man who’d abused her with words and fists. And then not, the same man, that is. Otherwise she’d have killed him the first night.

And every night she went upstairs with Bob’s favorite gutting knife to his bed, and woke him. She was looking for Bob. He had to feel her pain, know her fear, but it had to be Bob. She shook him.

He opened empty eyes, then mumbled, “Mona?”

She drove the knife into his stomach, keeping her eyes on his. “Remember how you hurt me, daddy?”

He screamed the word this time, but clearer in his pain, “Momma?” Then he died.

Poor Mona, she killed the wrong man.

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