MidWest Book Reviews: The Color-Blind Detective:

CB Green is a private eye; a color-blind one at that, but there is more to this man than lack of color vision. Some of us just know things about people; it’s a gift so to speak, and CB has this gift. I liked how the author brought into play CB’s color-blindness. It made the PI stand out, made him different and for some reason more appealing; a very wise move on the author’s part. […] He shares with us CB’s personal life, his past hurts and his present day family dilemmas. […] We are taken along meeting more and more characters. Some good, some bad but all intertwined in what becomes a multiple murder case. The author did a top notch job in pulling the murders and characters together into one focal point, yet leaving you wondering what the connections could be. […] This tightly written mystery packed read kept my interest from beginning to end. […] It is a mystery read that is part laid back, part action packed yet charged with the energy you demand in a mystery read. You’ll enjoy this one. Shirley Johnson, Senior Reviewer, MidWest Book Review


Clarion Review: The Color-Blind Detective

Reminiscent of The Maltese Falcon, Bill Capron’s novel opens with the alluring damsel in distress sauntering into an unsuspecting private investigator’s office. She entices him with the proposition of recovering her dead husband’s millions by locating the person who has stolen the key to his safe deposit box.

This hard-boiled detective novel is a good debut for author Bill Capron.

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