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Candy Candelosi asked, “Don’t you ever do anything that isn’t connected to everything else?” I suddenly realized I’m like an evil magnet pulling hidden bad DNA into visible force lines. It’s the essence of me.

Seven years ago my Rhonda was killed because she was in the wrong place at the wrong time, or so I thought. But as of a week ago, Rhonda’s killer was no longer an amorphous untraceable jewelry store robber, but a cop; and in that relatively small circle of suspects, it was only a matter of time, but he knew that too.

My girls decided they would bring Rhonda’s killer to justice, but they didn’t know their girl justice wasn’t enough for me, not nearly; and I’d dally at the outer fringes of their investigation to protect them and take action when the time came; as if I’d be in control. So instead I looked for the run-away parents of the three wayward Olson kids who had changed their evil ways, which was fine until our cases crossed paths and I tried to take my girls off Rhonda’s case; but that wasn’t going to happen, and I learned the true meaning of girl justice.

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