Day Notes – Willie Lopez – 2nd Tuesday


5:00 a.m. – I run hard at an 8 minute pace, pushed by the anticipation.

9:00 a.m. – I am beardless; I sit at the loan officer’s desk with a baseball cap pulled forward on my head. Jesse in an unlikely blond wig sits across from me taking my financial information as she fills out the loan application.

Jesse: So how much are you worth, Green?

I looked at the size of the box.

Me: It’s not big enough.

10:00 a.m. – The two officers are dressed in bank security uniforms. Another female detective is positioned at the second loan desk. She will lead them into the vault. We are relaxed. On a hunch, Jesse starts the wheels of justice in motion checking out the background of the bank manager who seemed a little too apprehensive when we show up. One of her people grabs him as he sneaks out the employee entrance. It’s all coming to an end, like on TV.

Eduardo and Esme walk up to the teller. Eduardo’s arm is in a sling. The teller points to the detective who opens a receipt book and asks them to sign in. They go into the safety area where the detective swings the gate shut. Eduardo and his mother put their keys in the box. The detective puts her key in the box as the four of us moved through the door. The door squeaks open.

Jesse: Excuse me. I think we’ll see what’s in that box, Mrs. Lopez.

Esme: Who are you? This is my safety deposit box. You have no right to it.

Jesse: This search warrant gives me every right.

Esme: It’s not mine, it’s Willie’s. I found the keys and a note from him telling me where the box was.

Jesse lifts the lid and folded it back. The box appears empty, but she pulls out the two by four package of Peanut M&Ms and a note.

Jesse: At last, a return on our investment.

Me: You were too late Esme.

The cops escort Esme and Eduardo out.

Jesse: Wonder who shot him?

Me: I hit him with my wild shot.

Jesse: Don’t get cocky, Green. She laughs; He was shot by Jackie. Seems she didn’t like having her face rearranged, even by accident.

… the end; draw your own conclusions …

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