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The Color-Blind Detective

Color-Blind-Detective.jpg (157x225) (2)CB Green’s client, Jane Wye, wants to recover the twenty million dollars her lawyer husband, Jack, stashed away before someone put a bullet in his head. Along the way, CB picks up two unintended clients. The first an old woman who deduced a crime that no one else believes happened. The second client is a dead girl whose dying words to CB were, “Help me.” CB soon discovers they are connected by a personification of evil so vile that it tests the bounds of his unique justice.
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The Blues in Black & White $.99

Jesse Black was a white girl who could really sing the blues, and she lived the life one would expect, until she died. Like her mother, Jesse had secrets, but like that six-degrees-of-separation thing, her secrets knew secrets with their own perverted history, and the living threads dragged her down and killed her because Jesse didn’t understand the full nature of the evil that traveled through one family’s polluted DNA. I had to pull on those threads to find the killer, but not until I found all the dead. And I learned two new truths; you can hide the trappings of killer, but, no matter how many years, the killer is there waiting; and no man can hate like a woman.

My job is generally mundane, lost kids and wandering spouses, but, whether by coincidence or serendipity or fate, I am often a hunter of death; or is that the other way around? And the idea that what goes around, comes around? Well, I’m still here.

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Old Words Kill $.99

old-words y

Librarians’ conjures up thoughts of studious and watching, and buns of the hair variety; but not Joan Tomay and the randy librarians at the Ormond College Archives. But Joan was dead three months from a suicide, a buried statistic not looking for justice until her cousin, my Becky Tomay, read her diary which laid bare half her life, the old-style librarian half. But she wasn’t the only Joan in my investigative sights; there was Joan Viennes, a missing teenager on the verge of a sexless adulthood. My two Joans’ worlds crossed at the missing half of Joan Tomay’s diary, the intersection of sex and perversion with politics and money. Would the child survive? And could I keep the reputations of innocent people out of harm’s way and still find justice? And there was a lot of justice needing doing.

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Nobody Knows Anybody $2.99

Do you have friends or acquaintances who, you believe, if you investigated their pasts, would not be who they presented themselves to be, or maybe they were exactly what you suspected them to be? I had a friend like that; he died on my doorstep. Willie Lopez had no future, but oh what a past! I dredged through the lees of his life and found a man I didn’t know, and a past constructed of events that didn’t happen, or didn’t happen right. All Willie had was what I didn’t know about him, and when I was done, he didn’t even have that.

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Girl Justice $.99
girl justice y
Candy Candelosi asked, “Don’t you ever do anything that isn’t connected to everything else?” I suddenly realized I’m like an evil magnet pulling hidden bad DNA into visible force lines. It’s the essence of me.

Seven years ago my Rhonda was killed because she was in the wrong place at the wrong time, or so I thought. But as of a week ago, Rhonda’s killer was no longer an amorphous untraceable jewelry store robber, but a cop; and in that relatively small circle of suspects, it was only a matter of time, but he knew that too.

My girls decided they would bring Rhonda’s killer to justice, but they didn’t know their girl justice wasn’t enough for me, not nearly; and I’d dally at the outer fringes of their investigation to protect them and take action when the time came; as if I’d be in control. So instead I looked for the run-away parents of the three wayward Olson kids who had changed their evil ways, which was fine until our cases crossed paths and I tried to take my girls off Rhonda’s case; but that wasn’t going to happen, and I learned the true meaning of girl justice.

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Trace $2.99

The rock comes through my window; it is 5 a.m.; the yellow sticky says, “Read the #%&!ing book, Jake. Now!”

It’s a mantra of the business, ‘Make the query letter interesting; give it a punch.’ The author accomplishes this with a minimum of words and a maximum of impact. I am about to read his manuscript.

Jake Killman has been killing for eight years, but who’s counting? Well, Jake, he always counts. Jake’s life is narrative tension; first Special Forces in Pakistan, then the CIA in Afghanistan, then with the FBI as a last violent wall of witness protection. He is off-the-books and off-the-record, the essence of plausible deniability for the wizards-of-smart who run his life. Jake has actively ignored his past and its implications, until in a single day this past plays itself out in the multiplex of separate screens in his head, but they’re not going the same direction; and the time is always now; now-now, then-now, it’s all right now.

‘Trace’ is a 1st person real-time narration told the same way we live our lives, limited by what we know and what we see. It is as if ’24’ is being told from Jack Bauer’s perspective, where he doesn’t know what drives the action, only that he is in it; and no one knows less about what is happening than the combatants … just like real life, and like real life, what really happens may or may not be what the protagonist thinks is happening.

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The Plan With No Man … $2.99
Janna is dead eleven years; now her aunt has been murdered and her daughter kidnapped to pull Jake Killman out of hiding. But Jake is more than a weapon, he is the trigger as his then-nows collide with the now-now to confront a conspiracy that has been brewing since before 2001. Jake is a man who never runs from a fight, even when he should … and now that he has skin in the game, can he make the hard decisions?
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Shadowland $2.99

Jake Killman is exceedingly dangerous, so why are they rattling his cage again? They are threatening him and his as he is led from behind in a plot twelve years in the making. He is, despite his beliefs to the contrary, predictable in his own chaotic fashion, and it has forced him on a path like water finding its way to the sea. Can he and his daughters and a pretty blond cop and a recovering money launderer and a fiercely loyal computer program save the country from chaos and castastrophe?

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The Seven $1.99
the seven yIn 1997 the demise of Long Term Capital Management took the world’s financial markets to the brink of ruin. Few people knew about it then and even fewer remember it today, but for those involved, fortunes were lost and lives were forever changed. Not all were so lucky; Harry West, bankrupt, killed his wife and committed suicide, orphaning his three children and sowing the seeds of a plan to bring down capitalism, financed ironically by Wall Street. Jake Coulter doesn’t know any of this, just that his family is dead, and he – after a failed ‘suicide’ attempt – is suspected of their murders. Jake, alive because his heart is two inches left of normal, must first prove he is innocent, then find who killed his family and why. In ferreting out that motive, Jake stumbles into a terrorist plot to destroy western civilization’s engines of wealth.

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Brainstones $.99

Marion Shez lands on the planet Aragon, the home of her grandparents and parents who left fifty years earlier; she is the last survivor of the explorers who traveled the galaxy in search of alien life. But when she returns, it’s not fifty years, it’s a thousand; and everything has changed, sort of. After her grandfather’s departure, a scientist invented a way to capture brainwaves at the time of death and continue life in special crystals; life everlasting; and today Aragon is ruled by stones that by their vote outnumber the people forty to one. Now the stones are on the verge of controlling the humans and living life through their surrogate bodies … but Marion Shez is not susceptible to the stones’ mind control, so they must destroy her. But there are also rebels who want to use her long ago mothballed nuclear energy to destroy the stones and set up their own dictatorship. Can Marion do the right thing and save humanity from slavery to the stones without damning them to a fascist dictatorship?

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Words To Die For $2.99

words to die for yBob Mastern labored most of his adult life in the dark mine shafts of his mind. After ten million words of finished manuscripts and countless short stories, all he had to show for it was thirty thousand dollars in advances and kill fees. He waited tables, drove taxicabs, built houses; he collected unemployment and welfare. He subjected his family to the hardships of his failed dream, and blamed them for the vast wasteland of his talent. He was a man who rode words hard and put them away wet, usually long after they died.

Bob Mastern couldn’t write, but he could plot; and he leveraged that ability to the maximum; and when he died he ratcheted it up to the next level.
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Color Wheels $1.99

color wheels yThis is a collection of short stories about C.B. Green, the color-blind detective. About half have been published while the others have sat on the hard disk for years waiting for the light of day. Read as CB makes justice happen.

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