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Jesse Black was a white girl who could really sing the blues, and she lived the life one would expect, until she died. Like her mother, Jesse had secrets, but like that six-degrees-of-separation thing, her secrets knew secrets with their own perverted history, and the living threads dragged her down and killed her because Jesse didn’t understand the full nature of the evil that traveled through one family’s polluted DNA. I had to pull on those threads to find the killer, but not until I found all the dead. And I learned two new truths; you can hide the trappings of killer, but, no matter how many years, the killer is there waiting; and no man can hate like a woman.

My job is generally mundane, lost kids and wandering spouses, but, whether by coincidence or serendipity or fate, I am often a hunter of death; or is that the other way around? And the idea that what goes around, comes around? Well, I’m still here.

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