I was born in upstate New York and spent my first 18 years on a dairy farm. My non-school days were spent fishing and reading [science and mysteries] and milking cows and haying [and in the winter shoveling oh-so much snow]. It was a very insular world of a rural small town before the days of the internet and drugs, both of which have since stripped the insulation. My dad was a farmer and my mother wrote for romance and mystery magazines plus 10 teenage mysteries. I went to college in Buffalo and then worked in Rochester, Hartford, White Plains, New York City, Philadelphia, Tucson, San Francisco and Portland … so much for insular. I’ve held a lot of jobs, worked for a lot of companies, had over three hundred different employees, did a lot right and almost as much wrong. I got successful with my own company, but not until I failed the first time [doing industrial espionage]. I’ve visited a lot of foreign places, but didn’t get to really know any of them, because I was never there long enough. I took up writing because I loved to read, and found that I loved to write even more; but in moving from from the cutthroat world of business to the sedate world of publishing, I learned that competing with housewives and busboys was not for the faint of heart. It’s tougher than I’d imagined, but then that’s the way it should be. And I learned that I have to write whether or not anyone else sees it. I have published twenty short stories, and one novel, The Color-Blind Detective. When my publisher assumed room temperature, I decided that CB Green should live to fight another day, that he had a story to tell about the world through his color-challenged eyes. CB Green is a man cut from my insular world of a rural youth who has been thrown into a crime-rich environment but has not shed his protective naivete, which is how he’s accumulated so many friends who would protect him with their lives; but he doesn’t know it. He is good because he’s been bad and didn’t like it, and he believes in justice because it has been denied to him. I’d be him if I could be – he doesn’t know this – but he inspires me as I live his life through my fingers, and from him you know more about me, not who I am, but who I’d want to be. I hope CB Green becomes your friend, and maybe your hero.


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